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Get away to Edinburgh

Hey all,

How have you all been? I have been great thank you! So as a late birthday trip, myself, Matt, My dad,  sister and step mum - Kerry went on a little weekend get away to Edinburgh. It was sooo good, we stopped in an apartment which was not as advertised, but that didn't matter because it was only a bed for the night.

Me and Matt went up on the train, and my family went up in the car. We would've got in the car with them but with my sisters car seat and Matt being so tall it would have been an uncomfortable squeeze. Myself and Matt arrived in Edinburgh around 2pm. My family joined us around 3pm. The rest of the night we just stayed in unpacked and had a drink and a catch up.

Saturday, we walked the length of the Royal Mile, visited all the quirky little stores, found a Christmas store that is open around 362 days of the year and it is permanently Christmas there. Matt is a mahoosive The Killers fan, we found a little record store and he found an old Killers remix vinyl w…

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