Failed Mission and Books!

Hey all, well first I failed in getting a diary!, I told you I was fussy, I didn't particularly like any of them and they were either too big or too small. So again I have no structure to this blog and still on the look out for a diary/notebook. I knew someone who had a diary and notebook in one and it was perfect for what I wanted and I can't find it!. Always the case. The search continues!

Sorry I didn't blog yesterday I got too engrossed in The Fault In Our Stars. I fell asleep reading it, so i now know to blog before I read! So far it is so gripping! I'm just starting chapter 4 and I want to read it before I see it at the cinema! So that means trying to avoid spoilers and everything on the internet but that is near impossible!. Especially when I watch lots of people on YouTube who have seen it! I started this book with a free Audible trial, but I had to get myself a hard copy and start from the beginning because it took away the enjoyment of creating a character in your head. The voice was given to you and with that the voice gave you a certain idea of what that person looked like and I didn't like that. But the upside to Audible was I could listen whilst doing other things like driving, tidying, being on the laptop. I just love to read books and imagine my own characters and voices. I'm not much of a bookworm, I used to be and just stopped for some reason but now after this I think I might start again.

I'm quite a lazy reader, I like things that just flow and don't need much thinking about. I know that might not make sense, I guess what I'm talking about is I like teenage fiction more than any other genre because they tend to be feel good happy books. BUT sometimes in times of sadness there is nothing like a Rhoald Dahl book!. I LOVE him! Rhoald Dahl is probably the reason I became a book worm at such a young age!. My favorite book by him by far is The Twits! I loved it that much that I convinced my dad and step mum to take me to see at the theater and I loved it. I also dressed up as Mrs Twit one world book day at primary school and won first prize!.

At school I was always the loud eager kid who was up for anything that involved dressing up and acting I guess, I think my passion for acting started at a young age from the nativity play at Christmas to world book day to my first drama workshop. I was always excited making the little stars headband as the chorus in the nativity play to dressing as a Christmas tree at the school fancy dress disco!. And now I'm 21 with my best GCSE's and Btec's diplomas and my Degree in Performing Arts!. And it all stemmed back to primary school how bizarre! I have never thought of it in this way!.

Again sorry for the lack of blog.

Until Next Time X