Found Them!

Hey all,

Sorry for the lack of posts, but I'm back!. I have finally completed the mission I set myself. I have finally found a diary, unfortunately I had to go with a diary and a note book! However they are both cute!. I can now be organised and jot my ideas down for the blog. The irony is, I haven't jot any ideas down for this one.

Nothing has really happened for me to write something with a theme, but I guess that's life. Most people expect something amazing to happen to them everyday, when the truth is it doesn't. For example what I've done today, stayed in till 2:30pm, went food shopping (the joys), visited Toys 'R' Us to find some inappropriate games to play for a party I'm having. Couldn't find any so I took the search to Meadowhall!or as I like to call it MEADOWHELL!. Still was unsuccessful, so the search continued to my boyfriends house, where we found battle of the sexes. This should be fun seeing as we (my group of friends) are all hot headed, strong minded individuals. I ended the night with bathing my dog and sat watching the Glastonbury highlights and Kaiser Chiefs live! (which can I add I am going to see them in 231 days!!) Not counting or anything.

So really I have nothing of much interest to bring up as a theme. And I'm afraid to say don't really expect one tomorrow/tonight, since I plan on getting quite squiffy! But I will let you know how the games go if we play them.

Again I am sorry it is a short one, I promise to try and get better at this!

Until Next Time X