Friend or Foe

Hey all,

I have finally got a point to this blog, thanks to my new notebook!. Yes I didn't blog but it wasn't due to having a party. It was purely for watching Glastonbury. The flop of a party/gathering, is because people had other plans, which i'm not disputing. However when you organize something and on numerous occasions people have not turned up for whatever reason it does get disheartening.

It makes it more difficult to trust people and count on them for different reasons, I know life gets in the way but there is only so much one person can take. Its got to that point with me where I don't know if it's worth it anymore with a few friendships i have.

I just wanted to share ideas I've tried and ways to overcome this type of thing and to share my experiences. The first thing is persist, try and make it work because there is nothing worse than losing a really good friendship, talk it out, try and over come your differences. Try it over a coffee in a public place so things don't get heated or don't get as heated as they could be if they were in a private place.

The second is if it happens a few times where someone has let you down and it doesn't seem like a legitimate reason, give them one last chance. If it doesn't seem like a two way friendship, where you feel both parties aren't putting the same amount of effort in, organize something and say this is the last chance. When I say last chance I don't mean like the friendship is over, I mean it's the last time you organize something. Let the other party organize something, and don't bail out on them because of spite because that will make things sour. If the other party buck their ideas up they'll soon see what they could have potentially lost. However if the other party doesn't organize something, then that friendship wasn't meant to be. Unfortunately in these situations there is nothing you can personally do, they obviously don't want to be in contact for whatever reason.

These sort of friends are ones you may not want in your life, or they aren't friends that are worth sticking around for because you'll soon find out who are the friends who value you because they won't go anywhere. My dad always told me that friends come and go, and it is true I have had about 3 or 4  people who i would class as best friends who I am no longer in contact with because we either drifted apart or they didn't make the effort. I have 2 friends who have stuck by me through thick and thin and these are the ones who I value the most!. I can go to these people with any problem and they will not judge me at all, and that is what you need in a friend. One of these friends I have gone weeks maybe a month without seeing or speaking to them but have always found the time to meet up and catch up and it would seem like we only spoke like yesterday, if you find that in a friend you have got a keeper!. They won't blame you for life getting in the way they will understand.

I know it wasn't much advice but this was like the condensed version of all my advice I could offer, some people need a gentle reminder others don't but you have to remember friends do come and go and you may not believe me until you experience this for yourself, like I didn't believe my dad until I experienced this for myself. I hope this can help anyone who needs it!

Until Next Time X