Hey,  I am stuck as to what to write about today since I haven't purchased a notebook or diary like I said I was going to in my first ever post.

The reason for this is one, I haven't found one I like and two, I haven't been out shopping for one. (in specialist stationary shops) however depending what tomorrow brings I may do this to give me something to do, then I'll have something to jot ideas or topics down. The problem is that I'm too fussy! When it comes to things like this I don't want something just plain or a plain pad of paper, it has to be right. But when I do find the one I want or like, I don't like the price. I naturally have expensive taste but tight with money that I won't pay the expensive price tag.

I'm like this with most things, clothes, shoes, tickets, stationary, life! Since finishing university and not having the luxury of my student loan, I've become really worried about money. And the solution to this is get a job. The thing is I have a job, its part time because the company don't have the hours to give me to go full time. Or even better hours for part time. Having little outgoings like my car, phone bill and board for living at home, it doesn't seem a lot but it is. I've now decided I don't want to grow up anymore. I want to be a child forever! Bills are boring!

The next part of my plan is to get a full time job and save to potentially move out! But obviously this could take years! And if I keep up with this blog I can take you along the journey with me! Sorry it's a messy short one, I'm useless!

Until next time! X