How Things Change!

Hi all, Today I did something I have never ever done before. That makes it sound like something really major, but it wasn't, I don't think. All I did was drop my dad off for a meal for his friends stag do. You might think well thats nothing, but to me it was. It's the first time I have chauffeured my dad somewhere instead of him chauffeuring me around. I passed my driving test 3 years ago but haven't had a car until this year. It all came about by my dad asking if i'd drop him off and I of course said yes, he replied with you don't have to if you don't want too, and I replied with well I can't really say no when you have chauffeur me around for the best part of 21 years. You might be thinking well isn't that what parents do and to some people yes, but my case is slightly different. My dad lives 70 miles away from me, he moved when I was 7 so for 14 years my dad has traveled 280 miles round trip every weekend to pick me up to spend the weekend with him and then take me home. To me it was one step in giving my dad something back of what he has done for me and this is why it was such a big deal to me. I'm very lucky to have a dad that has stuck around and a mum who has always put me first and they have put their differences aside to make it work for me. Aside from that the point is it felt good to give something back to my dad that he had done for me for many years. Hopefully I can do more to give back to my folks for all that they have done for me!

Until next time! X