Hi all, I'm Sheree, Shez, Shezza, Shezbomaloola, which ever you prefer. I'm 21, from Sheffield. What made me want to start a blog? I'm a creative person at heart, specialising in drama/performing arts, I have other hobbies such as textiles, outdoors activities mainly walking and canoeing. These influences come from my parents.

I have recently just finished University, which was one of the best and scariest experience so far. Scary because unfortunately during the first three weeks of university I was off with glandular fever. People may think, oh first three weeks isn't that bad, and don't get me wrong it isn't that bad but I missed out on more than I originally thought. The things I missed out on were quite simple but essential to university life, one being learning the ways of the library, you might think its simple taking a book out. Not in uni. Finding the books and working the system was a task in itself, I missed the introduction to this, also working the university database/community, not quite sure the right word is, this again was essential because it was the communication we had with tutors outside of teaching hours. I also missed my first assessment, which when your at home and no one is explaining what you have to do it is a very daunting task. Luckily for me my tutors were very helpful over email, reassuring me they could help, and long story short they did!. The best part was being part of university life, though I did and still do I feel a little left out because I decided to stay at home because my university is in my home town. Meeting new people, embarking on new challenges, and to say I have completed university is one of the best feelings on earth! Despite staying at home I still made lots of new friends!. That's enough of uni.

I am now on the next adventure of my life and that is to find a job within the performing arts industry and document it with this blog! I usually start these things and forget or give up on them but hopefully this won't be the case!. I wanted something other than Facebook or twitter to look back on what I have done and achieved in my life!.

I recently started watching bloggers and vloggers on YouTube and this is what inspired me to start this, a couple of glasses of wine later and here we are!

To keep this up I am going to purchase another diary since mine has ran out (academic diary) to keep me organised and to remind me to post new blogs but also I am going to purchase a note book to document things to write about!

Hopefully this gives an insight to what I intend and would like to do with this blog and life.

Until next time X