Friends and Yorkshire Grand Depart.

To carry on from my last blog post, my party/gathering was a successes!. Everyone turned up and the air was cleared!. This made me feel so much better, to know things are still the same and there was no hard feelings. Sometimes a bit of tough love is needed to show your not a door mat and you can't be walked all over. Its opened doors to other activities and other gatherings we want to do. So all in all it was a great weekend.

On Sunday it was the inevitable hangover and the Yorkshire grand depart/ Tour de Yorkshire/ Tour de France, which ever one you want to call it! I didn't think I would get into it as much as I did. I think the reason was because it was coming to my home town and who doesn't like seeing their home town on TV. Unless its on a show that's going to make it look like a waste ground! Which in the past few weeks there has been two shows like that about Sheffield!. Anyway at least this was something to show the good side. I was really surprised at the amount of spectators it got. even out in the middle of no where. It was good to see everyone get along and the news to be filled with good stories. However with watching the event I did get annoyed and so did the riders. I got annoyed at some spectators, they were standing in the middle of road waiting for the riders to arrive, rightly so, but then they didn't move their arses out of the way and several spectators and riders got hit. This happened where there wasn't barriers or the roads were really narrow. It's common sense to get out of the way!. One thing you may find out about me is that I can not stand people who lack common sense. Even though we can't prove common sense, it definitely exists! Don't just jump up and down in their faces just to try and get on camera!. Makes you look like a D**K!. Apart from the few who got in the way, it was a good day for Sheffield. I personally didn't go out and see it I just stayed at home and recovered in front of the TV. Still I did feel the sense of pride that one it was in Yorkshire and two it finished in Sheffield, plus we had the steepest hill they encountered. From personal experience I do not know how they made it up there, because it is so steep. But they all did well.

Some other good news is I found out, I am officially graduating university with a 2:1! I am so freaking happy and so proud of myself. I never thought I'd achieve a 2:1. Now I just have to wait till November to have the shindig with the cap and gown. I can not wait. Its another chapter over ready for another one to start.

Until Next Time X