Long awaited update!

Hey there!


Sorry it's been so long since my last blog! I didn't want to force myself to write everyday and then these blogs to become uninteresting or boring. However now I'm back I can fill you in on all the details of the important things that have happened. The main one being GRADUATION!!!

Graduation was one of the best and sad days of my life so far!. The reasons for it being the best so far is that I officially graduated with a 2:1 in Performance for stage and screen at Sheffield Hallam University. It was the day where all the hard work, tears, ups and downs was totally worth it. I've never felt such pride and sense of achievement for myself than I did that day!. It was the day that I saw how proud I had made all of my family. I hope I showed them how grateful I have been for their support throughout the best 3 years of my education. Especially to my mum who had to put up with me crying at every assignment, because I thought I couldn't do it, to putting me back in my place when I said I didn't want to go, and also when I had a wobbly patch where I was thinking about dropping out. The other person who I went crying too was my boyfriend, again I would be crying to him over the phone how I couldn't do an essay or how I didn't know what the questions meant. Looking back on these episodes I don't know if they were mini panic attacks or anxiety attacks or if I was just feeling so overwhelmed at the thought of all this work. However from the support I had around me and that I am so lucky to have, they kept me on the straight and narrow and picked me up when I had a bad patch and congratulated me when I had done it. Without the massive support I have had and still got I don't think I would have gained my bachelor honours degree in performance for stage and screen!

On the other hand it was a sad day because that meant my student life at Hallam was officially over! It was the last day that I would see all of my class together in one place, and thee majority of my tutors!. It was hard to fight back the mixed emotion tears. As a class we started this together and to the ones who stuck at it we were all supporting each other at the very end!. It was the end of an era for the class of 2014!. We are so lucky these days that with the power of technology and social media we can keep up to date with what each of us are doing, we are able to still help and inspire each other into our chosen careers. Another amazing moment that made me feel proud of the class was that we all voted one of tutors to receive an award at our ceremony. Unfortunately due to health issues he couldn't make it so in his honor when his name was called for the award we all stood up and cheered. (We also all cheered for each other every time each of us got up on stage) it was such an emotional happy moment another to feel so proud of.  What else would you expect of a bunch of performing arts students for us to sit there quietly and applaud, no chance! We had to make a statement and we did that!

I am so proud to have been a part of the class of 2014! And I would not change any of it for the world! So for anyone who is going into uni or part of uni and your having any doubts about anything have a long hard think about what you want out of it, and talk to your parents/carers, get a full scale view of  the situation. Write a pros and cons list of uni (that's what I did) don't be forced into it, it has to be your decision and in the long run, personally I can't see where I would be now without uni!

Until Next Time X