Losing weight and doing things for yourself!

Hey All,

So this post could be seen as a touchy subject to some people, but I have always been open about my weight and the way I look. This year I decided I wanted to change I started to feel uncomfortable in my own skin. Prior to this quite a few people in my family were saying I put more weight on and that if I don't lose it now I never will, or it'll be a lot harder as I get older. And in true teenage fashion (even though I'm 21) I rebelled and said I don't need to lose it, I like the way I look blah blah blah. However secretly I knew I needed to lose it, but I didn't want the people who were nagging me and constantly reminding me, have the satisfaction that their words were making me do something. 

I secretly started to chose healthier options and cutting down on 'bad foods' and once I started eating a bit healthier I felt better about myself. By this time the nagging had stopped and I thought I can finally do something about it and it would be for me and only me and not giving everyone the satisfaction that they made me do it. What made me stick to this health kick more than any other ones I've tried before, is that I bought a blender/juicer, the blend active one to be more precise. 

This then created a routine for me to stick too. After doing this for a few weeks I was losing a bit of weight but not as much as I wanted. I was lucky that my local gym had a really good deal on at the time for a 3 month membership and I joined. I also downloaded an app called Pump Up, this is free and it allows you to track your workouts, weight and helps you create workouts based on where you are and what equipment you have if any. Now a month down the line I have lost 6lb and to some people that might not seem a lot, but to me it's a massive achievement. What makes it even better is that the people who told me I needed to lose weight or that I'd never do it, they had surprised and shocked faces when I told them, and that felt so good!. 

I have always been judged and bullied about my weight which I did a previous blog about, and now I finally feel like I've taken control, I know it's not going to happen over night but at least I am doing something about it. You should all feel comfortable in your skin, don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. Any changes you want to take should be for you and only you, don't do it to attract someone, don't do it because your friends say you should, do it because YOU want too. Just like I decided to tell you all about this because I feel it will help me keep on track with my routine and everyone loves words of support. Plus it's something I can keep updating about, for myself and for anyone who wants to join me or for people I can hopefully help, if they want it. 

Until Next Time X