Pet Peeves!

Hey All!

I thought this time I would share my pet peeves, those little annoying things in everyday life that annoy me. Unfortunately a lot of them are out of my control and other people do them without realising! Dependent on who I'm with I can ask them to stop like my friends and family (who seem to do some of these to wind me up!) however if I'm out in the public unfortunately I find that I can't tell a person to stop because it can come across rude, or they might have a reason for doing these little things that annoy me so much!.

1- Clackers! This is someone who seems to think it is OK to eat LOUDLY, by clacking when they are eating or slapping their lips, making such an awful noise. If you are going to eat, please eat with your mouth closed and minimal noise. Some people can't help it I know, such as people with breathing difficulties. But no one wants to hear the slapping of your lips or the squelching of your food. Please stop.

2- People who rub their hands along rough material surfaces! This one might sound odd as I don't think I've actually come across anyone who shares this pet peeve with me. I can't stand it if someone sits and rubs their hand over and over on a carpet or any material that isn't mega soft!. The sound the texture, just everything about it goes through me. I'm wincing writing this as I just think about it that is how much I can't stand it!.

3- Technology at the dinner table!- I understand this one might seem a bit far fetched since we are in the technology era. I have what i like to think as old fashioned views or maybe its the way I have been brought up, I don't know. Either way I find it so rude when I'm sat at a table with family or friends or even seeing other families do it, (I work in a pub and see this a lot) and everyone is either on their phone, tablet or even laptop and there is no interaction. I'm not talking about the odd text or selfie here, I'm talking about whey people are on it constantly, on games, social media anything, right from when they sit down till their meal comes. What happened to a good old conversation, human interaction, it annoys me most when little kids are on technology. To me they are not being taught how to step away from their game and have a conversation, they are in their own little world on minecraft or candy crush and not talking. Again this just might be me and my views, does anyone else share this? I know lots of people have different views it would be great to get all different perspectives of this.

4 - Slow walkers! Nothing more frustrating than being stuck behind a slow walker, especially when there is no way you can overtake them. There's taking a leisurely stroll and then there is taking the piss!  Again some people can't help it such as elderly people, people with walking difficulties etc, but dependent on who they are, they could at least stick to one side to let those who are in a rush/ walk faster than them go past. To me that is common sense. Again I sure some people do it just to piss people off.

5 - Not squeezing tube from the bottom! This one applies to things like toothpaste, anything that comes out of a tube. It annoys me more than it should for such a little thing when people don't squeeze the tube from the bottom! It makes logical sense to squeeze the tube from the bottom so you get the most amount of stuff out of the tube. When people squeeze straight from the middle, NOOOOOOOO, that is not how you do it!. I don't know why this one annoys me so much it just does. It just doesn't feel right to me and if I find a tube that has been squeezed from the middle I will flatten it out and squeeze from the bottom.

That is it for now, I have so many more but don't want to bore you I may do a part 2.

Until Next Time X