Seeing The Script and other gigs!

Hey All! 

So this week I was lucky enough to go and see The Script. This is the second time I have gone to see them, the first time was on their #3 tour. They did not disappoint!. The lads walked out to one of their new songs Paint the Town Green, they were surrounded by LED poles with flags and of course they were in the color green. We were sat too high to capture the boys walking in, instead we got a sort of angled view. 

The screens obviously helped with locating where they were. The boys also didn't disappoint with audience participation because they got the crowd going and also had a second stage so the people at the back had the chance to see them up close. 

The screens above them were also in use during the rest of the show to give more up close views of them. Also Danny performed through the crowd during one song but unlucky for me he was no where near me :( but non the less it was great! 
The lads also showed that they cared because in the standing area more towards the main stage a girl fainted and the crowd around her gained their attention by pointing to her on the floor. They stopped the show to make sure security or first aiders got to her as quick as possible. After she was out of the crowd and over the barrier towards the stage Danny ran down to her to make sure she was ok. After that the show went on. They did a compilation of old and new stuff, personally I was more excited to hear their new stuff live. 

I know I've done this backwards but the warm up act were just as good, the line up before was meant to be Labyrinth but he dropped out due to work commitments. To stand in they got Tinie Tempah and again he didn't disappoint. It was so nice to have two acts that were completely different to each other, I listen to Tinie Tempah on the radio and like his main hits. However he's not someone I would go to see in concert. It was great to have that opportunity to experience what one of gigs would be like, without just going to see him. 

He definitely got he crowd pumping and hyped up ready for when The Script were due to come on. 

If you were ever doubting of going to see The Script, DO IT! They put on a great show and have a laugh and they are just lads doing what they love! I wanted to share this as it's something I love doing I've been to many gigs including Kaiser Chiefs twice, The Killers three times I believe, Steps (only because I didn't see them the first time round) Sclub (when I was like 10 or something) Busted (again when I was young) Micahel Buble, Nickelback, just to name a few, and I've seen many comedians. I'm going to see McBusted in like 3 weeks time, but my all time favorite I would love to see in concert is P!nk.  This was just to document to myself what I thought and what not but also to share with anyone who has the same interests as me in music, and for anyone to suggest other artists I should try and see!

Until Next Time! X