Where do I go?

Hey All

This post is a bit of a improv post, just one where I feel like writing this down will help me and hopefully help anyone out there who might share the same feelings. 
I graduated uni in November since then I've known what I've wanted to do but only have half the information on how to do it. If I'm being truly honest with myself I'm anxious or apprehensive about finding out and changing my job. Anyone else feel like this? I'm so settled in my job that I have at the moment and I'm getting good hours, its secure. I'm anxious about the thought of leaving that security and trying to move onto something else. But I don't know why.

I'm now sort of stuck in this limbo of being content with my life but  being scared at what i'm going to do for my career. I feel like I'm ready to move on but scared to do anything. Does this all make sense? Probably not!. 

When I ask for advice from family I get the usual very realistic answers but what I need is someone who knows exactly what I mean and I have a few friends who are feeling like this. Basically someone who I can moan with and have a good old natter with. 

If I was to visualize the feeling I have it would be like a little gremlin inside of me twisting all my insides into different shapes in order to make me feel anxious/nervous/scared or whatever it is I constantly feel restless. Usually I just shake of the feeling and get on with life but at the moment this feeling is happening more often and I just feel bleehhhh!. That is the best way to describe it is bleehhh!. 

After writing this I feel a bit better just getting it down into words and out of my brain its cleared it up and helped me organised my head a little. Instead of it being a massive scribble. 

Until Next Time X