Hey guys

I apologize that it has been so long since my last post I have been meaning to do one but not had access to a laptop. Any way how are you all doing? 

This post is going to be a bit of a rant/relatable post I guess, this post idea came to me few months back now but I wanted to wait to see if I could add more examples and situations that this person has done or could do. I'm sure a lot of you will know this kind of person and that is what I've called an offloader. Now this person to me is one that is your friend or pretends to be your friend to get certain things for free. For example one situation is that they come over to your house around 4:30pm - 5pm just as you are preparing tea (I'm from Yorkshire its not dinner its tea) Not only do they bring themselves round but 9 times out of 10 they also bring their offspring. They say they are only popping over for a coffee, but we all know that you don't just pop over for a coffee around that time especially when you have children of your own. You know this person is coming over with the intention of trying to get an invite to tea. If this person wasn't doing this then why aren't they at their own home preparing tea for their own children. 

Now you might be thinking well its not that bad and your right it isn't if its just the one off but no, This person starts taking liberties and starts 'popping' round about 3 or 4 times a week trying to get an impromptu invite. What makes it worse is that they then try and up their game by getting their child to ask if they can stay but tell them to act natural. But we all know this child would never ask unless prompted to do so. Not only does this happen but on certain occasions where you might think yeah its fine stay (this happening the first time until you cotton on whats happening) not only do you end up being a chef but you end up being chef/mum/babysitter/entertainer all at once because the offloader is just sat on their backside not even offering to help.

Basically this person just times things perfectly to try and get things for free. This person can strike at any given moment where there might be an opportunity to grab something for free. Don't get me wrong I'm all up for getting things for free but i'm not an offloader in a cheeky way. 

Just be aware don't let your good kind given nature be taken for granted, just say no or say your cooking something they don't like or simply you haven't got enough. Sometime you have to be brutal, or cruel to be kind. 

Other situations this person can strike are 
- Lifts to places
- Asking for one item at a shop and 'Paying you later' 
- Ice cream van 'They haven't got change'
- Asking you over for a drink but they don't have any so you provide
- Asking to use your internet because they haven't paid their bill

These are just a few examples of when this person can strike, don't be afraid to say no, your not their babysitter you have your own life to lead!

Let me know if you know this person and what this person tries to get away with. 

Until Next Time X