Friend or foe part 2

Hey guys a while ago well a year ago,  I did a post where I was let down by friends. And this is a bit of an update/mini rant! 

The update being is that I feel like I'm back at square one, nothing seems to have improved. It's like I'm back at school and needing to validate friendships. It shouldn't be like that all! I've tried the harsh reality wake up call it's not worked, well it worked for about the length of the conversation then nothing. I've tried the gentle approach didn't work. So I waited till the other party got in touch and tbh it was a half hearted attempt at, 'I haven't seen you, let's meet up' but then nothing. It's as if that tiny message will do for another few months or so. 

I know I said in my previous post don't be bitter or spiteful, but it seems at the moment the only thing that is working is 'a taste of their own medicine'. I don't want it to be like this but if this is the way forward then it may be that I have to try this. 

I feel like when someone asks me to reassure them that we haven't fell out just because we haven't spoken in a week is a lot to take on. I'm not talking just one or two texts, I'm talking a message on every platform such as twitter, Facebook, whatsapp etc. The constant need for attention is ridiculous. If anything it pushes me away more, I feel like a babysitter. I know that that might sound a bit OTT but that is the best way I can describe it! It's also hard to be truthful about my feelings because I also feel like I'm treading  on egg shells, whilst also still trying to be there for a friend. 

The irony about this encounter is that the other party suggested to meet up so I said the day I'm free, it's only one day because I'm off on holiday next week. And their reply was that they would have to get back to me because they may be busy. This is what always happens organise something and then nothing. 

I don't know what the next step is, I don't know how to carry on with this. What is the best way to deal with this. I don't want this to go to far to the point that I get that pissed of that I might regret saying something. However on the other hand if they are that good of a friend they should understand. This is a loop hole I am stuck in. 

If anyone has any tips or advice please let me know! 

Until Next Time X