Gigs- Kaiser Chiefs, Mcbusted and Brandon Flowers!

Hey All!

How are you all? I'm doing well! As you've probably guessed this is the gig post I've been promising for a while!. Without further ado I shall begin.

The first gig was the wonderful Kaiser chiefs! I went to see these at the Leeds Arena, in their hometown. As usual they put on a great show! This show was for their album Education Education Education and War!. Like any other gig I always try and get some kind of merchandise and in this case it was a pull over hoodie, and a vinyl. For this one I was seated but due to the design of the arena we had great seats. Its designed like an amphitheater so there shouldn't be any bad seats.

Here are a few pictures!- The second picture is the logo that is on the hoodie I bought.

The next gig I went too, was the almighty McBusted! Growing up I was a hardcore Busted fan and always thought McFly were copying, but growing up I learnt their relationship and how they were all friends and I wasn't so naive then. i saw these guys at Sheffield Arena. I managed to get pre sale tickets for this one, but unfortunately for me they were seated ones on the floor, and for a gig obviously not everyone stayed seated and being short I couldn't see the stage! However all was not bad, they had a second stage right next to where I was seated so that made up for it! I was of course fan girling a little bit especially over Matt Willis! My purchase from this gig was a McBusted t-shirt!.


And finally the last gig I went too was Brandon Flowers, now some may not know who he is, he is the lead singer of The Killers, but this was his solo tour for his latest album The Desired Effect! This gig was at the Leeds O2 arena, at O2 arenas they are all standing I believe apart from the London O2. Some of the best gigs I have been to have been at the O2 arenas. Brandon Flowers is my boyfriends idol! After the gig we waited around to see if he'd come out and have pictures, and he did, This made Matt's day! He also signed his album cover for him!. Here are a few pics. 

So there are the 3 gigs I needed to upload and share with you all!. And I'm sure there will be any more to come and more pictures!

Until Next Time X