Holiday Fever!

Hey all!

I have been on two holidays in the last couple of months. One to Heachem  and one to Tenerife! Heachem was a family holiday with my dad, step-mum, sister and my boyfriend. It was such a nice little family get away, and got me all excited for Tenerife!

The best part of the holiday for me was the arcades with my sister, she had never played on 2p machines before and the look on her face was priceless when we won her loads of little things like a box of princess jewelry, a plush toy and of course it wouldn't be complete without something Frozen related!

Whilst down south we also visited Sandringham, we visited the gardens and the church. The same one Princess Charlotte was Christened just a few weeks later I believe. The gardens were beautiful and the little museum for the Royals different cars was amazing! After all the walking round we ended our day in the park, and the carvings within the park were so good!.




After Heachem Me and Matt were jetting of to Tenerife for 2 weeks! This was our first holiday abroad just us two. It was amazing! The pool, beach, surroundings and our new found love, Hard Rock Cafe! I'll get on to that soon.

It was so nice to get away from everything and have another break, but this time in hotter weather. We wanted to try a few excursions but due to our hotel wanting a deposit we didn't know about, this wasn't possible. However we found that walks along the beach, watching the sunset and just exploring on our own was enough for us.  One night we found a rocky pier, a perfect place to watch the sunset and a chance to try and capture it, (which failed due to clouds). When we got up to leave we then realized we were surrounded by cockroaches! I have never moved so fast before!. The beach walks at night were my favourite purely because beaches are my happy place and I absolutely adore star gazing! And doing both at the same time was amazing. That was cloud permitting. Hearing the sound of the waves at night was just so calming to me and I felt so calm and happy!

Talking about happy places, my other happy place on holiday was the Hard Rock Cafe Tenerife which is the biggest in Europe. It was so cool and just a really cool place to be. The food and drink was a bit on the expensive side but for some of the portion sizes it was worth it. The memorabilia on show was great. 

Whilst on holiday there we visited the Hard Rock Cafe every other night. They had a cocktail bar upstairs with a roof terrace, if it was busy this is where you waited with a buzzer until a table was available for you. One night they had a live band on the stage area which was an experience. It was a bit too loud for a restaurant but was still really good to watch. Other nights they had a big projector screen with music videos playing and the range of music they played was very varied from rock to pop to rap to hip hop to reggae. One night we were about to leave and We Will Rock You by Queen started playing and out of no where there was a loud uproar with loads of cheering. We turned back and saw staff with whistles, blow up guitars and they were clapping along and stood on top of the bar joining in. All the staff just stopped what they were doing and joined in. It was such a great moment to witness. When it was over they all cheered and clapped then got back to work, a bit like a mini flash mob it was so cool.

We couldn't leave with out getting some souvenirs of our own. I purchased a t-shirt, jumper, scarf and a shot glass (not pictured). I bought a few other bits for my siblings. My cousin gave me the idea to collect shot glasses as a souvenir, that way it was the least expensive way to have something from each Hard Rock Cafe we visit. 

After going there we then decided we want to visit as many Hard Rock Cafes as possible. Starting with hopefully Dublin in January, then hopefully in the future I hope to visit Manchester, London, Glasgow and Edinburgh. If this does happen I'm thinking of starting a different thread of blogs dedicated to them. 

Let me know what you think! 

Until Next Time!  X