Resolved kind of!

Hey all,

Following from my previous post of not knowing what to do with my friendship, I thought I'd update you when it was resolved. 

After being pissed off and having time to calm down, I messaged the other party back. And I realised the only way this person would realise what they had done was if i was brutally honest. I was, the conversation raised points that needed addressing and the only way to improve or change the issues was if it was finally said. It made the other party realise what they had done hurt me and how pathetic it all really was. 

Even though I really wanted to rant and rave and lose my cool I decided to keep my cool and take the high ground! 

Looking back on it, it made me realise that being brutally honest, even if it might hurt is the way to resolve things it's the only way to make people come to the realisation that their actions may hurt other people. Also it taught me not to bottle things up and not let things slide to easily.

Until Next Time X