10 things that cheer me up (illness edition)

Hey All!

So this week is a bit of an impromptu post. I have been down in the dumps and feeling sorry for myself as I have the cold! I know poor me! (cue the awww's) So to cheer me up I thought I would share what makes me happy when I'm down in the dumps!

1- YouTube! Whenever I feel crap and I just want to curl up and watch YouTube. There is something about watching other peoples lives and seeing their achievements that just make me feel a little better. There are loads of YouTubers out there, and to see different peoples lives and how they all get along and push each other to strive for bigger and better things. It makes me feel so proud that our generation are able to communicate via different sources of media and we can all be there for each other. (Wow that got deep) Moving on!

2- Big baggy Jumpers! Who doesn't love an oversized jumper that you can just curl up in to keep you warm and comforted. I have a wide selection of jumpers, these have been accumulated from gigs, holidays, uni and pinching other peoples. (They get them back.. Eventually!) As everyone does I have a couple that are my favourite ones, the first being my Hard Rock Cafe jumper, surprise surprise! Like I haven't talked about that before! And my second one, which has currently been stolen from me by Matt, is my Kaiser Chiefs jumper. Both of these are slightly baggier and have that major comfort feeling!.

3- Blankets! To follow on from Jumpers there isn't anything better than a good blanket to keep you comforted whilst your sat feeling sorry for yourself. I have 2 they are both that super soft material that just instantly makes you warm. Combine that with a jumper I'm just in a cosy little nest!

4- My Chair! This might seem like an odd one. In my room I have a huge spinny chair. I was kindly given this by Matt's parents when they changed their sofa. Its big enough to sit 2 people (if you don't mind being in a cuddle position). When it isn't used as the chair which every bedroom has that you just chuck clothes on, It is my little nest that I can just sit in, relax read a book, watch YouTube or just watch the world go by through my window. I'm still after some decorative string lights, I am yet to find any that I love!. Any suggestions please leave them below.

5- Bubble Baths! There is nothing better than getting into a hot bath when you feel like poop! Especially if it is accompanied by bubbles or a bath bomb!. With a nice candle lit at the side (no good if its scented and you have a blocked nose! Which is me at the moment) Just sit in the bath and relax, but try not to fall asleep!

6- Clean Bedding! After having a cold or flu for a few days there is something about having fresh clean bedding that instantly makes me feel better. I don't know exactly what it is but it just makes me feel cosy, and clean, maybe because the lingering germs have been washed away. Combine fresh bedding with fresh pyjamas and yourself straight out of the bath. That is a winner!

7- Oversized pyjamas! I don't know about anyone else but in order for me to feel comfortable I have to have oversized pyjamas. I can't be doing with skimpy tight clothing on me for bed! It needs to be big and baggy like my jumpers, then I can feel super duper cosy and ready for hopefully a good nights sleep!

8-Comfort Food! Ever heard of the saying starve a fever feed a cold? I stand by this! It has worked for me every time I have had a cold. I'm not saying go get loads of junk food and just sit and scoff it all. I'm saying eat what you want. Personally if I feel poop comfort food for me is the best, things such as a bit of chocolate for that sugar rush I need, or some pizza because who doesn't like pizza!

9- Water and Orange Juice! This is a cliché one. But it does work, water to keep myself hydrated and orange juice to get the vitamin C back in my system and hopefully flush out all the bad toxins! 

10- Cuddles! Whether it's with your significant other or a parent, friend or pet cuddles are the best! It doesn't matter how old you are, you are never too old for cuddles! There is something so comforting about being wrapped up in someone's arms that instantly lifts my spirits up. And for some strange reason I find it easier to fall asleep if someone is cuddling me! 

That's it for now hope you've enjoyed this post, but if a different one! Let me know what makes you feel better when you are ill or upset.

Until Next Time X


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