License Plates Stolen!

Hey All,

It has been a bit of a hectic week last week. I went to work as normal and within an hour of starting work, my colleague let me know that my back license plate had gone, then another colleague who started just after let me know my front one was gone too. I was gutted! My manager let me go and have a look so I could call the police on the 101 number and report it. I got an incident number and had to leave it there.

I finished work and drove home and surprisingly I didn't get pulled over. The next morning I had a voicemail from the police, I rang them back and my plates had been found by a dog walker. 3 miles away from my house and work. At first I thought they had been stolen near my work, but a few days later my neighbors plates had been stolen from outside her house on the car park we both park on. My plates had been used in an incident but I wasn't told what kind of incident. On the brighter side of things the person who had found them, his wife works at the police station near me and she brought them in. I am yet to pick them up as when I went in they couldn't locate where they had been logged and stored.

The day after they were stolen I went to get some new ones. As it was a Sunday there was only a major chain car shop open. The entire cost for the plates, screws and someone to fit them was £43.

I was annoyed yet all right with it, I was annoyed because I had to pay £43 for something I didn't do, for criminal damage against me. However I was all right with it because it was just a material thing, they hadn't broken into my car, they hadn't stolen it. Much worse could have happened.

Sometimes things happen and we have no idea why, this was one of them things. It's not like they could have gotten away with the plates matching the description of the car because mine is bright pink!. So I have no idea what they were thinking!

Until Next Time!