Happy New Year!

Hey All!

2016 is upon us! Only seems like a few years ago I was seeing the millennium year in. But sadly that's obviously not the case! 

I think in general 2015 for a lot of people it has been quite a crap year. It's easy to dwell on the bad and forget what good times you have had!. A few people I know have made jars where every time something good happens they write it down, and when the new year comes around they open the jar and read about all the good things that have happened. I feel if I had have done this I would have probably remembered a lot more of what has happened this year. At the same time when I remember the crap things that have happened it makes me grateful for coming out of the other end all happy and a better person. 

Any who, this year I'm not making any resolutions because I always fail at them, this year all I would like is happiness to everyone and for Lady Luck to be on my side and help me out at them little obsticles that get in the way sometimes. And I would love to remind myself to smile more and to not let people take the piss with me anymore. Or me to not be such a push over! 

Everything else would be a bonus!i hope you all have had a wonderful 2015/Christmas/New Year. And here is to a greater 2016.

Until Next Time X