Seeing Kevin Hart and Dublin 2016!

Hey All! 

Hope 2016 is going great for you all! So far for me it is going pretty well, I should be able to tell you more in the future! 

In January I was lucky enough to go and see the hilarious comedian that is Kevin Hart! I saw him on his What Now? tour in Manchester with my other half Matt! We arrived a little early and got parked really quickly as we pre paid. So of course we went for a wonder and found the Hard Rock Cafe Manchester! We went in for a little nosey and I purchased another shot glass. That is another one ticked off my list. After wondering around and killing some time we headed back to the arena. This is the show he is touring globally! I don't want to give too much away as he is still touring. If you have the chance to go see him do it! You will not regret it!

The other great thing I have done so far this year is go to Dublin! We went as a group for Matts birthday and it was so much fun! We flew from Manchester airport and it was the shortest flight ever!  We stayed at a place called Abigail's Hostel in an area called Temple Bar. The hostel was lovely we all shared a room, there were 2 bunk beds and a single bed. It was like being 10 again and having a sleep over. It was a basic room with a toilet, sink and a shower. It was everything we needed for a long weekend. 

The first night we were there we went straight out around Temple bar (which is the most touristy part of Dublin) we found straightaway that every pub had a singer with an acoustic guitar. We decided on one pub and managed to squeeze in (most pubs seem really small). In this little pub there seemed to be someone from every part of the globe it was so great to see everyone getting along singing dancing and drinking! We were taking shameless selfies as a group as you do and this one guy photobombed us! From that he offered to take what he called a really cool photo so as you do we agreed! This was the outcome.
He asked us to turn our lights on on our phones, he positioned them and this was the result. I think it was this moment we all fell in love with Dublin! 

Onto Saturday! This was Matts actual birthday so it was up to him what we were doing. The result was of course the Guinness Factory! Working in a pub this was actually really fascinating for me! However learning how far back Guinness started and how it has shaped Dublin from trade to tourism there is something for everyone! With your ticket you get to go around and see everything, also you get a free drink included. This is Guinness for over 18's and a soft drink for under 18's or anyone who doesn't like Guinness. My favourite parts about the factory were the layout of the factory, pulling your own Guinness (even though I do this at work) and the sky bar! Here are a few of my favourite pictures from the tour. 
I didn't manage to get any pictures from the sky bar as it was a dull day and I couldn't see far enough to get a decent picture!. We then left the Guinness factory and decided to get a taxi back, we had the most loveliest, talkative, smiliest taxi driver ever! Nothing compared to what you get here! He gave us tips on what to go and see and where the best spots were and gave us loads of info on little things that you wouldn't know unless you lived in Dublin! For example there is this massive metal pole in the middle of Dublin, it's called the spire it was put there as a reminder that there was a statue of Nelson, however it got blown up by the IRA. The locals have nicknamed the spire as the stiletto in the ghetto. As we got back Matt and Aaron popped of to go and do a bit of clothes shopping. Myself, Amy and John went to tescos to get some snacks and decided to get a little birthday cake and surprise Matt as they had already bought some banners. We did our little room up and waited. Safe to say he secretly loved it! 
Saturday night we went to the Hard Rock Cafe in Dublin! Another one to tick of the list! The food was amazing, however this is where we found out why people say Dublin is so expensive! They put a service charge on top of your food and drinks bill. They charged us 5% extra on top of our bill. We were lucky enough to get this taken off and was able to tip our waiter so the extra just went to him and not everyone else. 

Now we're onto Sunday, we were going to go and do the prison tour but as we found a pub (which we later hated because they had a 12.5% service charge) to have some lunch, we were looking at other things we could do and came across an escape room place. This is where you are locked in a room and have to figure out different things in order to set yourself free. After a long walk there it was unfortunately fully booked. So we decided to go and do a bit of shopping. Which may I add was very successful, I came away with two new tops as did Amy and Matt found the Disney vans hat that he has been after for ages! So it was worth the long walk there. Sunday night we decided we would like to go thee original Temple Bar Pub. The one that brews its own whiskey. From the outside the pub looks tiny, however on the inside it was massive! The lovely barmaid here gave Matt a free drink for his birthday, and gave us temple bar pens, mini flags and postcards to keep as a little momentum. From here we went to another pub however as it was Sunday the pubs closed earlier so we decided to go for another walk and do a mini photo shoot. Here is some of the pictures from that night!  
Then came the saddest day.. Monday the day we had to come home. We booked a later flight so we could make the most of the Monday there. We had to be checked out by 10am but we were able to get leave our luggage there. So because all weekend it had been good weather it was warm but dull but dry, I left my jacket in the hostel. We went off to go and look around the wax museum (we went for a laugh and to burn some money and time!) it turned out to be okay and quite funny. The funniest moment of all was the music video recording room. This room was green screened with a drum and keyboard. On the computer you could pick the song you wanted to record. We went for teenage kicks. We made our own music video! Best €7 we have ever spent in my opinion! Coming out of the museum, (remember when I said I left my jacket) well the heavens decided to open and we got soaked, we rushed to the nearest cafe to get dry and warm and to eat. The plan of action was to wait for the rain to go away which it did and to go on to Grafton Street! (I said I wanted to go there just because I remembered it from Before The Worst by The Script) turns out it had a massive Disney store! 3 floors!! Down stairs was all Disney marvel with a massive Hulk and also Spider-Man on the ceiling, the ground floor had a Dublin Disney section you couldn't buy anything in there anywhere else. Upstairs had Anna and Sven, a princess throne, 2 magical mirrors and a big screen which you could pick Disney songs to play. I must say it was a very magical place! 
From here we had to unfortunately make our way back to grab our luggage and head off back to the airport!. 

Safe to say it was a fantastic weekend! I will definitely be going back to visit more of Dublin! I hope you enjoyed this, I'm hoping to do more of these kinds of blogs when I go on adventures and visit places! Let me know if you enjoy reading them! 

Until Next Time! X