2016 IS THE ONE!

Hey All! 

Remember in my last post things were looking up and I would be able to tell you more in the future! Well now it's happened I can tell you! 

I got a promotion! Eek! I was going through a phase of feeling a bit down and feeling like my life was on pause. However now I have something to push me forward! Not only does this help me now but so many more doors have been opened for my future! On the subject of being happy and things looking up I have just done the most adult thing of my life so far! I have just set up a saving plan for a deposit for a mortgage. I know a lot of people may have started way before me and all ready have loads saved. In all honesty I wasn't in the know about this kind of adult thing until I heard about the help to buy scheme! Now I'm saving for a house! What the hell! 

So 4 months into 2016 I got a promotion and I've just started saving for my future! Oh and an even more adult thing I started saving towards my pension! I mean talk about things they don't teach you in school! Hopefully 2016 stays like this and things carry on going up! Or I could have just jinxed it for myself! 

The plan for this year is to carry on saving, start looking at houses and possibly if I can get a new car! Some big ambitions and goals right there! 

Hope you enjoyed this little update let me know how 2016 is going for you! 

Until Next Time X