2016 Update!

Hey All,

I have a few things to catch you all up on! Here we go!.

First one is that my beloved first car has died. Boo! It broke down on the way to Hull, I got it taken to a garage who's final chance of fixing it didn't work and they basically said it was going to cost more to fix it than it was worth. But fortunately for me I was able to borrow some money and buy myself a newer car! I was so happy getting a newer car. I now own a 2011 Ford Fiesta! It is a lot bigger than my little Micra I had.

Second one is I was involved in a crash. I wasn't injured but some damage was done to my car. It was all resolved my car was taken away to get fixed and I was kindly given a courtesy car whilst I was without mine. 10 days passed and I finally had my car back! So all ended well!.

Third one is I have a new job!, I know your thinking well you told us you just got a promotion and you were happy. And I was, but circumstances change, teams change and to be honest I was getting bored, I had been in that job nearly 3 years! Waitressing and bartending wasn't going to be forever. So yeah a new job with more sociable hours and hopefully more time to spend with family.

We will see how everything goes and I;m sure I'll give you another update once I've been in my new job a few weeks!

Until Next Time X