Surprising Dad & My birthday in Ibiza

Hey All!

Talk about impromptu holiday abroad! So my family had a cruise holiday coming up, Me and Matt both got invited, but the cost was too much for us at the time and we didn't have enough saved. On the week they were going we had all ready had the week booked of from work for my birthday. It started as a joke to go to one of the places my family were stopping of at on the cruise and surprise them. This joke then became an intriguing look on the internet for holiday prices. This intriguing look then became how much do we have, how much do we have then became we could do this. We could do this then became booking a holiday three days before we had to fly out! Talk about stress. Luckily for us holiday clothes and items weren't an issue as we had them all from Tenerife.

I was at work when Matt gave the news that we could do it. So he came down to my place of work and we booked it whilst I was working. I was working all weekend so packing was difficult, it eventually got done. On Monday the 9th of May we headed to East Midlands airport, which by the way is one of the easiest airports to navigate to and through!. Then we jetted of to Ibiza Playa d'en Bossa. Where we were staying happened to be right near the airport so our transfer was only 15 minutes if that. We went all inclusive because of the lack of time to save for spending money. We checked in and headed for our room which was very basic but really nice, we had a bathroom with shower and bath and a bidet! (Google it, you'll have a giggle, childish I know!) We also had air conditioning and free wifi! This was amazing for us because we have never been anywhere where wifi and air conditioning was all included, we have always had to pay extra for it.

So here we were in Ibiza we arrived on the Monday and my family were due to dock in at Ibiza on the Friday so we had a few days to go and explore. We decided it would be a good idea to go and look for where they would be docking up so we wouldn't get lost on the Wednesday. We decided to walk it. we could see the docking port from the beach front, so logical me says lets follow the coastline and the beach and we should get there. One massive hike over a hill that felt like a mountain and getting lost a few times we made it. We arrived in old town, and the first sign we see.. HARD ROCK CAFE! (Yes we had looked before to see if there was one when we booked it). We had a stroll round and really enjoyed old town because it was like the city centre to us. We found where they would be docking and where we would have to wait for them and also found a hiding spot so we could see them but they wouldn't be able to see us. We made the decision to head to the tourist information to see if there was an easier walk back to our hotel, and of course there was. It was pretty much one straight street right back to the hotel. We didn't want to do all the main touristy bits because we wanted to save them for when my family got there. So a few pool days and drinking it was for us!

Wednesday came and it was my birthday!! 23rd birthday! Yaaay! So the plan was chill around the pool and go out on the evening, we had previously walked down to the Hard Rock Hotel, and booked in there. However much to our dismay it was seafood restaurants and basically things myself and Matt didn't like. All wasn't lost though, I got my shot glass and a taxi to old town and we had tea at the Hard Rock Cafe instead. It was DELISH! We headed back to our hotel and finished the night of with more drinks!.

It's FRIDAY, my family are arriving!. We headed down to old town for about 9am, because they were docking at 8am but not getting their shuttle bus into town till about 9:30. So we phoned my auntie (she was obis in on it) to ask how long they were going to be and to let her know we were there.  9:30am arrives no sign of them, other passengers had gotten of their busses. 10am arrives still no sign, so we decide to risk it and ring my auntie. They had just gotten on the bus and were on their way!. So we just sat and waited. We first saw my stepmom and then my dad, and in true detective style we hid behind a map. They were then walking towards us I could see my sister and my cousin, we started to try and get their attention and my sister broke free and ran to Matt completely missed me she was so excited, my dad then came over hugged me called me all the names under the sun for surprising him and cried! Ha! We all hugged said our hellos and then off we went exploring!. We visited the castle, the views are amazing from the top, well worth the climb up there. We explored all the markets and all the quirky things Ibiza had to offer. We sat down for some dinner, and thats when we explained our story and how we ended up in Ibiza. My dad all day was smiling ear to ear it was definitely worth the aggravation and hard work to make it happen. The hard part was then explaining to my sister that we had to stay in Ibiza and she had to get back on the Cruise Ship. We said our goodbyes, it was weird saying see you back in England!

We had a a wonderful time and it was the best birthday surprising my family. If you ever have the chance to do something so impromptu do it. It is so worth it!

Until Next Time X