Hey All,

Well Christmas was great, I managed to be so organised. Everyones presents were bought, wrapped and delivered without any rush. It felt so good to be organised and that is not like me!. So now I'm thinking of getting a planner to organise tasks and just daily plans etc. Anyone know of any decent planners? I have a diary, but I think a planner would be great. I'm digressing, so back to Christmas. Christmas eve I spent that with Matt and Aron who is one of my best friends. We stayed in had a few drinks and watched tv, it was a really nice chilled night in.

Christmas Day!!

Tradition in my house at my mums is that we get up at an ungodly hour, however now me and my brother are grown up age wise not mentally! We got up around 8am, went downstairs and open up all our presents! I received some wonderful great gifts, from Lush products to Micky Flanagan tickets. This year I was in the position to spend a bit more on my family, so it was even better to see family members open their presents and see their looks on their faces. We then get ready and head to my step families house, we get to open more presents. The wine gets cracked open and the celebrations commence. Christmas dinner with all the trimmings was gorgeous as ever. The sitting around and just quality family time was amazing!.

On the night I went to Matt's we had a nice chilled night watching films and stuffing our faces with chocolate, as you do. We spent quality time just us, as we still live at our parents we don't tend to spend Christmas day time together. This year my Dad and Step-mum and sister went down to family in Cambridge. So it was nice we had Christmas night together.

Boxing Day!!

Woke up a bit worse for wear. All I wanted was a nice breakfast to wake me up. We got dressed and had a nice but perishing walk down to