Not So Happy Easter.

Hey All,

How are you all?. As you can probably guess from the title of this blog post it's going to be a not so happy post. But like I have said in the bio of this I wanted to document the bad along with the good.

I'll start from my last blog, more car updates so I told you in the last blog about my car battery and wheel etc, well on Saturday I took my car to the garage to get a new tyre and tracking doing. Well it can't be so easy and simple and straight forward with me. It ended but that I need a new front rod arm, brake pads, tracking and tyre. which of course didn't come cheap. So that was a blow when I was told how much that was going to be. So we left my car there and got my dad to pick us up and take us home.

In the car we got some bad news that a family member wasn't in a good way and to prepare for the worst. I'll put a bit of background into this, I have had a fair bit of bad news throughout the past month regarding several members of my family who have had illness' or sadly passed away, all that onto of car troubles then this last family member not being well was a kick in the metaphorical balls. I didn't document these others because some things I do want to keep private but with everything piling on top of each other I wanted to show you the extent of shit on top of shit. It has been blow after blow of bad news for the past few weeks, and it just all got onto of me.

We got home had a cry let all the emotions flow, I was generally exhausted mentally and just wanted to sit and do nothing. Which we did. Then I got the call my car was ready so I went and dealt with that, came back home and sulked. It is the best thing to do when you feel shite, just let yourself feel shite and you come out of it yourself in your own time. It's what works best for me. After having a sulk and feeling crap we decided to go for a walk instead of just sat around waiting.

Easter Sunday came around still no news, so we thought no news is good news surely. We went out to the park as my sister got a kite and she wanted to try it out, but unfortunately it started bouncing it down, so soft play it was. It killed the hours and distracted us. It was then time for me and Matt to come home.

Which brings us to today, and unfortunately I got a phone call when I got up and we got the news that we didn't want. So this weekend has been a really shit one to put it blankly. So here is to the hope that something good will be round the corner.

Until Next Time X